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R. Kelly Opens All Girls School In Brazil


R. Kelly Opens All Girls School In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro – R&B Superstar R. Kelly has finished constructing the Robert Kelly Academy, an all girls school in Rio De Janiero. The school will open its doors in September 2016 according to representatives for R. Kelly.

Robert Kelly, popular R&B singer has vowed to give back to the world as part of his new vision on humanitarian efforts. According to reports, Kelly wanted to do something for people that would inspire them to be better in life. Kelly was raised in Southside Chicago, a poverty-stricken area, known for high crime and unemployment. Kelly grew up in the Ida B. Wells Homes housing complex to a single mother or four. Kelly’s connection with music started in the church when he joined the choir at age 8. Through the ups and downs, Kelly found a way to make it from the Chicago slums that raised him to topping Billboard charts with his music.

“I struggled growing up. I know what it’s like not to have a lot. My mom did what she could to take care of us and we did the best with what we could. Now that I have made it, I want to give back to the world to inspire the new generation of girls to make it,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s school started out as an idea in 2013 after he had visited Brazil and witnessed the amount of poverty affecting the people. His visit to Brazil inspired him to provide a way for the young girls of Brazil to be successful. In 2015, R. Kelly got permission from the Brazilian government to construct an all girls school. The school will be for young teenage girls entering grades 9-12. Kelly plans to be a part-time music teacher and sex health educator at the school. The school will be a campus setting, providing room and board to all students.

“People may think that I can’t do it, but I have a passion for helping young women. I love women and I hate to see them struggle. I want to be the father these girls don’t have. I want to be everything to them. I will do anything to make sure these girls are ready for the world. I know that my past still haunts me but I don’t care about that. I will be in Brazil now, so what happens in Brazil, stays in Brazil. I know I will make great women there,” said Kelly.

The Robert Kelly All Girls Academy will be tuition free for young impoverished girls. In order for the girls to be admitted into the school, they must audition any and all talents they may have which Kelly will judge and hand select those who will gain admission. According to reports, the school already has 4000 applicants between the ages of 16-18.

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