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Babysitter Discovers “Clown Doll” In Kid’s Room Was A Real Person, Raping The Child At Night


Babysitter Discovers “Clown Doll” In Kid’s Room Was A Real Person, Raping The Child At Night

Portland, Oregon – If you have a phobia of clowns, we urge you to NOT READ ANY FURTHER. We we are sharing with you is a true even that many have had nightmares about for years. The incident originated out of Portland, Oregon involving a 52-year-old male, who has a long rap sheet of pedophile convictions. According to reports, the three-time convicted pedophile was caught molesting a five-year-old girl as she left at her residence in the care of a trusted babysitter. Based on police documents, the babysitter provides an accurate yet disturbing account of how the child sex offender was discovered.

“I was scheduled to watch Monica, the young daughter of the The Klein family for four days beginning from Thursday and set to end on Sunday. The parents of the child asked me to babysit their child so they could celebrate their 10th year anniversary out of state. This was a normal routine for the Klein family to hire me for several days at a time. We had a very good business relationship,” according to statement provided by Francine Howard, to authorities. Howard added, “Thursday evening, I went up stairs and read Dr. Seuss “Wocket in My Pocket” to her before getting the young girl prepared for bed. Whenever I would put her to sleep on the nights I was scheduled to babysit her, she would always complain about being afraid to be alone her room at night. When I asked her why, she explained to me that the clown sitting in her rocking chair scared her. I tried to help build her courage up by telling her to ignore the clown because it was just a doll and to think about happy thoughts to help her go to sleep. After I left the room, I heard screaming probably about 5 to 10 minutes later. The screams lasted about a half hour or so. I didn’t think anything was wrong, but I decided to check on her anyway just to make sure everything was okay. When I entered her room, she was hiding under her bed. I went under the bed, helped her back into her bed and tucked her back in.
I’m not sure what had happened on Thursday night but on Friday night, the same screams around the same time occurred. I was getting a little pissed off that it happened again but because she is young, I went back to her room and tried to help her be courageous. I read her another bedtime story and tucked her in. After I left the room, the young girl cried and screamed for almost an hour. Saturday morning, she came downstairs with a pale, scared look on her face, kind of like she didn’t get any sleep. We ate breakfast in the kitchen together but she was silent. I tried to talk to her but she didn’t say anything to me. We watched a few movies, played Monopoly and Scrabble, and of course I read a bedtime story to her later Saturday night and put her back to bed. About 20 minutes into her being in her room alone, she started screaming and crying. I heard her screaming, “The clown is going to get me again.” I didn’t bother to go check on her this time because the last two nights were just so annoying.
After hearing her scream for the last two night, I decided it was time to call her parents because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. When I explained to Mr. and Mrs. Klein about the situation, they acted as if they had no idea what I was talking about. I specifically asked them about the clown sitting on the rocking chair and asked if she complained about the clown to them before. They were aware of the rocking chair but said there was no clown in her room. I asked Mrs. Klein if I could FaceTime with her to show her what I was talking about. When I got on FaceTime and show the clown to the girl’s parents, they told me that neither one of them bought the clown for their daughter and had no idea where it came from. I went back downstairs to talk to them so I wouldn’t scare the little girl anymore than what she already was. After they had told me they never seen the clown in the house, I started thinking about the previous times I babysat their daughter and realized I’d never seen the clown before either. As I ran back upstairs to her room, a small colorful figure ran down the stairs past me and out to the backyard french doors. I thought it was a raccoon or something. When I entered the little girls room, the clown was no where to be found. Monica was sitting on the floor in tears asking me why I didn’t believe her. She told me the clown did very bad things to her and made her touch it’s red mushroom top. She told me that every night I was there at the house, the clown did very bad things to her.”
Apparently, the mysterious clown that had been sitting in the rocking chair, had been molesting Monica all three nights. Howard called authorities immediately after witnessing the small figure leaving the house and hearing Monica’s story. It took an hour for police to arrive at the residence, however authorities had delivered great news to Howard. The 52-year-old man, dressed as a horror movie clown, was arrested and in police custody. Calvin Winkles, the legal name of the three-time convicted pedophile, was found after a 30 minute manhunt through the wooded area of near the Klein’s residence. Police found Winkles, still dressed in circus clown attire, sniffing the underwear of the little girl.

Monica Klein was taken to Providence Portland Medical Center where she was treated and held until her parents arrived at the hospital for parental consent for questioning. According to authorities, this is one of the most disturbing sexual assault cases, the city of Portland had ever experienced.

Calvin Winkles is being held with out bail, currently awaiting trial.

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