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Black Woman Kicked Off Bus for Refusing To Give Up Her Seat


Black Woman Kicked Off Bus for Refusing To Give Up Her Seat

What is the world coming too??

This story might seem like one ripped from a 1950’s headline, but sadly, it happened in 2014. A black woman was ejected from the bus for refusing to give up her seat.

Californian Toni Young recently filed a lawsuit against driver, Cynthia Lara for insulting her and removing her from a Greyhound bus. The following details regarding the lawsuit are as told by Young’s lawyer, Michael Adams:

Lara asked Young to move from her seat at the front of the bus because she was expecting an elderly person to get on the bus when they got to Sacramento. The bus was still stationed in Oakland at the time. Young informed Lara that she would be getting off at Sacramento so there would be no conflict. Lara then insisted that Young move. As Young prepared to move seats, she quietly told Lara, “You don’t have to have an attitude about this.”

According to Adams, Lara responded loudly that she didn’t have an attitude and promptly had security remove Young from the bus. Additionally, she called Young a racial slur.

Young told the San Francisco Chronicle that it was a dehumanizing experience. Subsequently, she was forced to wait hours for the next bus to Sacramento. When she arrived at her family occasion, it was over. She is suing for damages regarding “psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety,” said Adams.

The incident is drawing comparisons to Rosa Park’s actions that were one of the catalysts for the entire Civil Rights Movement. Lara did not insist that anyone else move in order to accommodate the elderly person. Additionally, as Young’s lawyer stated, the seat would’ve been free by the time the elderly person was ready to get on.

December 2015 marked the 60th anniversary of the year-long Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. But sometimes, it still feels like it’s 1955…

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