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Rapper Bankroll Fresh Shot Dead in Atlanta, 50 Shell Casings Found at Murder Scene


Rapper Bankroll Fresh Shot Dead in Atlanta, 50 Shell Casings Found at Murder Scene

More than 50 shell casings reportedly found outside Street Execs Studio in Atlanta.

Police investigated a homicide outside Street Execs Studio early Saturday morning in Atlanta, 11 Alive reported. A rap artist in his 20s was shot and died while in transit to the hospital, they said. The man is believed to have been rapper Bankroll Fresh. At 2:00 a.m. EST, the man’s name and information regarding suspects or a motive had not been released, and police were awaiting a search warrant. More than 50 shell casings were reportedly found outside the studio, which 2 Chainz is a part owner of.

Bankroll began releasing music around 2007. In the years since, he’d collaborated with Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Zaytoven, Future, Mike WiLL Made It, Metro Boomin, and been praised by artists including Earl Sweatshirt and Erykah Badu.

In a January interview with The FADER, he described his life in 2007: “I was in the streets, running around. I was hustling. But I also was going to the studio because I had seen the bigger picture. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to make millions just running around in the streets because first of all your name will get too hot, they’ll try to knock you off. Or, I’ll get too piped up, a nigga might try to rob me. I shoot him, he shoot me.

That’s just how this shit goes in Atlanta this shit real, for real. And motherfuckers don’t know it because they be so caught up in the “Okay, well, Atlanta. The music. The glamor. They ball. The strip club.” They don’t know. I done seen this city swallow motherfuckers.”

In a February 2015 Instagram post, Fresh was namechecked by Drake, who said that goth rocker Marilyn Manson was a fan of Bankroll Fresh.

Below is the last video he left on his Instagram page as well as celebrity reactions to his murder.





UPDATE: The Streets are talking and they know who killed Bankroll Fresh!
Who is going to ride for Bankroll Fresh? The word on the streets is “everybody” knows who killed rising rap star Bankroll Fresh. Details are scarce, but it makes sense. Over 50 shell casings were found on the scene at an ATL studio that seemed to have a rep for stuff poppin’ off. We know now it popped off with a vengeance resulting in the loss of TWO lives. Another person was killed who was affiliated with 2 Chainz. Somebody knows something, but are they telling the police? Probably not.

Sources have stated that the dude may be dead very soon if he does not turn himself in. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The police have not even announced a suspect at all. A person ain’t gonna seek refuge with the cops! Anyway, the person the “streets” say killed him is carrying on and “mourning” Bankroll’s loss like the rest of the Rap Nation. I guess that’s like a camouflage or something.


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